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Podcasts were previously inaccessible to people with hearing difficulties, but this is no longer the case now that Firense’s around.

Podcast fans from all over the world use Firense to help understand native English speakers, learn to read, and reference their favourite voices.

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Who uses Firense for their podcast?

Joining Firense has been a sure way to boost global podcast for world-renown brands, marketing agencies, creative podcasts, and online magazines.

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firense logoManUtd

“We were looking for a solution to make our podcasts more accessible for fans. We want every fan to be able enjoy our podcasts. Having found Firense, it’s now become an important cog in our weekly production process. “

Ian Nolan, The Official Manchester United Podcast

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firense logoNiomieLOVE

“My podcast provides entertainment, poetry and insightful dialogue... topics range from mental health, relationships, sex, religion, racism to name a few. I’m very excited to have my podcast, Niomie LOVES 2 Talk on Firense.It is soo unique and user friendly. This feature also allows you to read my poetry. I highly recommend it! “

Niomie Love, Niomie Loves 2 Talk

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firense logoLauraLBernhard

“I’m so excited to have the Marketing Bound Podcast on Firense. As a podcast consultant, I recommend every podcast gets on Firense. The read-along feature makes every podcast accessible to those who may have a hearing impairment end those who like subtitles. And the search feature is SO key to find content. I haven’t see that on any other platform. All in all it makes a great experience for your listeners. Highly recommend “

Laura L Bernhard, Marketing Bound Podcast

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Firense knows every word you’re saying in your podcast. This improves your discoverability on search engines, as more of your words can match with more searches.

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